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Talisman Jack

Solid sterling silver and Phenacite, La Tene design pendant. Ideal dowsing pendulum for divination. © Talisman Jack

Solid sterling silver and Phenacite, La Tene design pendant. Ideal dowsing pendulum for divination. © Talisman Jack

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Made in the British Isles. A substantial, solid sterling silver pendant necklace inscribed with an ancient La Tene design and set with a rose-cut Phenacite crystal. The pendant is 3.2cm tall, 1.2cm wide, has a nice weight and is supplied on a solid silver chain.


The La Tene style is the name given to elite art and artefacts created by part of the ancient culture known to us as the Celts. It developed and flourished during the Iron Age of pre-Roman Europe around 2500 to 2000 years ago.


In addition to being an eye-catching piece of quality silver jewellery, it could also be used as a dowsing pendulum for divination.

One of the most commonly used tools for divination and dowsing is a pendulum pendant. Using a pendulum for divination is something that can be learned easily, and eventually mastered by almost everyone.



Phenacite, also spelled Phenakite, is a rare beryllium silicate mineral first reported in 1834.  Examples fine enough to be cut into gemstones are seldom seen outside museums or private collections.


In her world-renowned Crystal Bible, author Judy hall states:

“Phenacite has one of the highest crystal vibrations yet discovered. It's connects personal consciousness to a high frequency, contacting the angelic realms and the ascended masters. It resonates with the etheric body, activates the light body and aids in the ascension process .

In healing, phenacite works at a subtle level, purifying the body and clearing energy pathways.

Clear phenacite facilitates moving through vibratory spiritual states that would normally not be accessible.”


All of my silver jewellery is made from solid Sterling Silver (silver with a purity of at least 92.5%). It does not contain any lead or other harmful materials.

I do my best to insure all the raw materials I use have been sourced responsibly and I always price my work honestly.


All pieces are handmade in a small workshop in the British countryside.

Please read my shop policies and the shipping information.

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