There is still a magic in this world.

At Talisman Jack we are on a quest to discover the world's most powerful designs and magical objects to create Amulets and Talisman for luck, love, protection and prosperity.

A symbol, inscribed on a pendant, represents an idea, object, entity, or relationship. That symbol creates a link, an open channel, between the wearer of the pendant and the concept it invokes.

From the modern spiritual awakening, back past the medieval and Islamic physicians, to the cuneiform inscribed beads of the earliest desert kingdoms. Amulets and talisman have always been worn to attract the positive and deflect the destructive.

There is a magic in this world. An ancient magic that can still be found in wild places and the monuments left by ancient civilizations A magic that leaves echoes in our oldest rituals and the practises of our indigenous people.

Since the dawn of time amulets and talisman have been made to harness this magic. To attract the positive and deflect the destructive. At Talisman Jack we are continuing this tradition.

Adrian Ashley

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  • Richard from Glasgow

    Always a pleasure purchasing from an artisan. You will be pleased to know my girlfriend loved it. It arrived safely and quickly. Thank you artist!

  • C. J. form New York

    Thank you so much! Your work is just gorgeous. I’m never taking it off! It got to the US in only two days!

  • A. Demir from San Jose

    A message to say thanks for my beautiful mandala. I wear it during my morning meditation. It rests above my Anahata chakra and keeps me totally focused. With Metta, Adnan.